NEW YORK, NY --- USA Professional Football Leagues (USAPFL) was created in 2010 to correlate media and marketing strategies (i.e. Drafts, All-Star Teams and Special Events) for indoor professional football franchises as well as outdoor "paid to play" minor league football organizations.

1st In The Nation Draft set for February 24, 2015
BALTIMORE, MD --- With 95 outstanding seniors who participated in the 21st USA College Football Bowl in Jackson, MS on January 19, 2018 as the inventory, the nine franchises of the American Indoor Football League will conduct the first pro football draft of 2015 on Tuesday (February 24, 2015) that will be broadcast by Gridiron Network, I-95 Sports Network, AIF Live and MHE Sports Network from 7:00PM to 9:00PM.
NEW YORK, NY --- USA Professional Football Leagues (USAPFL) has renewed its affiliate agreement with the American Indoor Football League (AIF) for two years through December 31, 2016. The agreement includes the "FIRST IN NATION PRO FOOTBALL DRAFT" for senior standouts who participate in the annual USA College Football Bowls. Newell Stadium in Jackson, MS was the venue for this year's five-day event over the national Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend in January, 2015.

John Morris, Commissioner of the American Indoor Football League, stated, "The first year of this affiliation provided a positive impact on the national recognition of the league because of the outstanding relationships USA College Football Network has developed with the colleges over the last 25 years."